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A Burned Bridge On The Way Home


A Burned Bridge On The Way Home

Thirdmonth 1

Early this morning I discovered why I was feeling uneasy. We were just getting ready to leave Swiftrun when I saw a scout I recognized. He worked for my father, and his horse was clearly rigged for caravan work. He didn’t see me, and when he headed south out of town I knew that the caravan would be coming into town fairly soon. I passed this information along to Darius.

It was quite simple, really. The scouts had already made their run into town and were heading back to meet the caravan. They assumed the route was clear. All we had to do was lie in wait for the caravan and spring our attack. I knew my father would not be sending a large caravan and would, instead, be expecting to meet up with the other caravan for the trip from Swiftrun to Serndall. So we waited.

Just before sundown I heard the heavy stride of the draft horses that pulled the slave wagons. There were only two wagons, and about eight of father’s men working the caravan. I knew the one driving the lead wagon, Bartholomew, was a fairly strong magic user. I signaled to Tabitha to take him down first. There were two other bowmen, the two scouts, another driver, and two big guards who were nasty with swords. But Bartholomew was the only major threat to us. If he had a chance he could make it very painful for all of us.

Darius had a surprise up his sleeve, however. He pulled a crooked wand from his cloak and pointed it at Bartholomew, who promptly dropped his reins and fell sound asleep. He did the same to the two bowmen before they could react to the sudden stoppage of the lead wagon.

That left us with just the scouts and the guards to deal with, since the other driver quickly joined the rest in slumber. We incapacitated the remaining members of the crew fairly quickly and as they watched we released the slaves. Two wanted to come with us, and we had them jump up behind a rider. I helped a young lad up behind me and he was trembling as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Once we had them in place and left some food and water for the other slaves, we left the scene quickly. I hope that nobody recognized me, but if they did I would deal with it at some point.

We raided the other small caravan at their camp on the north side of town, and we had two more slaves join us on the trip into Serndall. When we got to the faction house we would make arrangements for them to have room and board, and a couple of supportive vendors put them to work so they could have some coin of their own. But for now they would share our food and gear until we got to Serndall.

As I write this I am mindful that my actions today may well have ended any chance of a reconciliation with Father, and perhaps even the rest of my family. I can deal with losing contact with my father, since I suspect he disowned me when I left several weeks ago. I hope that the gods will temper my dear sister’s reaction and keep her from renouncing me as well.



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