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This week we’ve relaunched the Barbed Arrow and Grand Arena of Serndall presence on Facebook.

Hammer here to check it out, including Facebook-exclusive information about the story of the City of Serndall and upcoming Facebook events with the developer team.

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(Though that ‘prize’ might be Pixie beating up Grond and Grevnol. Again.)

Welcome to the Grand Arena of Serndall

From the entire team at Barbed Arrow: greetings.

And… welcome to the city of Serndall.

Serndall is the setting for the upcoming game, Grand Arena of Serndall. A city high in the Dulverg mountains, politcally neutral in the ongoing conflict between dwarves, elves, humans, and orks. Anyone and everyone is welcome in Serndall – as long as the law of the city is obeyed. Adventurers… warriors, theives, wizards, and the rare monk… often participate in the ongoing battles in Serndall’s Grand Arena.

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