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New Character Class Announced In Grand Arena of Serndall (April Fool’s)

Today we’re announcing a new character class to be implemented in Grand Arena of Serndall: Life Coach.

This is the first design change finalized by Barbed Arrow’s new executive leadership, also announced today. The Life Coach will join the existing five character classes: Assassin, Monk, Thief, Warrior, and Wizard.

Einarr, Barbed Arrow’s Supreme Benevolent Dictator For Life, expressed his enthusiasm and support for this addition.


Life Coach


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Color Blind Accessibility & Gaming: Designing Grand Arena of Serndall

Expanding a bit on the design team’s decision to include accessibility standards for color blind players, as announced today

Many current games, especially mobile and online games, rely heavily on the player’s ability to use colors in the game interface to identify critical parts of game play and state changes in the game. There is a problem if those are the only indicators of that component of the game…

…the game might be unplayable to about 8% of the population – the color blind.

That’s a pretty big segment of the gaming community to simply ignore. The fact that color blindness is ignored in many game designs – digital and board games – frustrates gamers so much that some have simply gone and created their own games.

Looking at the interface for Grand Arena of Serndall, it’s apparent that color is used to quickly and easily give information to the player.



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The Wily Thief & Pixie’s Thoughts – Concept Art Week Continues!

Thieves are a scourge on this fair city. They pass themselves as honest businessmen, warriors, or even harlots. Then, you wake up to find your coffer empty and your bar stock ransacked. Sneaky and deceptive they are.
–Jepsum, owner of The Merry Dwarf

Here in the guts of Barbed Arrow, we’re all getting excited as the concept art for the Grand Arena of Serndall trickles out from the depths of the art department. Today, we managed to corner Pixie, Barbed Arrow’s Technical Producer (and she didn’t retaliate by giving us more work in exchange for this interview – that’s a win) about her opinions of Serndall’s thieves and the notably, the concept art’s thief.

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