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Clearing My Head


Clearing My Head

Thirdmonth 4

I got up this morning feeling terrible. I knew if I didn’t shake this feeling I would be worthless to anyone. And I was told that there was a challenge waiting for me at the Arena, no doubt because of the bounty on my head. I was already tired of having that target on me, but I also knew that as long as I was an easy mark the bounties would likely continue.

As was explained to me, individuals who wish may put a bounty on any Arena fighter. Other fighters who wish to claim the bounty will issue challenges to that fighter and, if they win, a portion of the bounty will be delivered to them before they leave the Arena. I witnessed this up close in my loss just prior to leaving for Sikerson. As I was sitting at Grevnol’s last night I noticed the board which contained postings of arena fighters with bounties. A few had the names of those who had put up the bounty, but most did not. And I noticed that there was an outstanding bounty on “The White Boar”. Great…just what I need. I was quite pissed, and decided to use that anger to my advantage.

Today’s challenger was a wizard who looked younger than me. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but this time I rushed him. Normally I stay back and size up my opponent before engaging them, but between the frustration of the bounty and the bitterness of the talk with Rohese, I decided to unload on this poor fool.

Remarkably it worked. He must have been waiting for me to go slow because the minute I charged toward him with a loud cry he froze mid-spell with this surprised look on his face. A few seconds later he was lying on his back, knocked out cold from a pommel strike on my sword. The force of my charge threw him backwards a good five meters, and I think I broke his quarterstaff. Normally I would go over and check on a fallen opponent, but today I did not care. Let him rot if he thought he could pick up an easy bounty on me.

After cleaning up and leaving the Arena I stopped at Gordor’s School of Battle, a weapons trainer not too far from the Arena. It seemed that Gordor was busy with a group of students, but I spoke with one of his apprentices. Yes, they had an opening for another student, but it would cost me. Good training is not cheap, and from what I had heard Gordor’s was an excellent place for someone of my skill and stature to advance their skills with weapons. I paid the coin for the first two lessons, and was told to come back in three days to meet the master and begin my first lesson.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Grevnol’s washing away my sorrows with cheap ale. I know I will pay for this in the morning but right now I don’t give a crap.



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