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The Meeting


The Meeting

Thirdmonth 1

Today was the day of my meeting with my superiors. I woke up in the early hours, just before the sun made its way over the buildings near the Hall. I had decided I would go for a walk and go over what I had to offer The Brotherhood, however I did not make it far before my thoughts were interrupted.

I had barely made my way around the corner when I nearly ran into a rather filthy man, muttering under his breath. I narrowly evaded our collision and was sure to let him know of my displeasure, reminding him to watch where he was going. The man simply turned around as he swayed away, yelling something that I could not make out and I’m fairly certain wasn’t even words. He stared at me for a moment as if to say something more, looking at my face, but instead turned around and made his way past the Hall. The nerve of some of these street rats is beyond me.

I finished my walk and came back for Firstmeal, chatting with Mouse, who simply could not have been more fascinated with some recent statistics he had taken over the course of the last few days at the Arena. Soon I found it time for me to prepare for my meeting and had to cut my odd companion off to get ready, but he didn’t seem to mind. I cleaned myself up in my quarters quickly before Bran came looking for me.

He lead me to a room that I had never set foot in before. I sat down at the end of a long, grand table, amongst a wondrous collection of amenities and luxurious decorations, reminding me of the grand dining hall that we had been called to, but smaller. The opposite of my place at the table sat Kriegal, the two on either side of him were hooded and spoke too softly for me to identify them. I must admit it was a rather intimidating feeling, even if Bran was at my side on my lonely end of the table.

The meeting was broken down into an analysis of what I have offered the faction and how I have shown my capability of moving up in the ranks. Bran explained my growth in magic and how he felt I would benefit The Brotherhood as a higher rank and on more urgent tasks. I was rather flattered when he mentioned he wanted me alongside him!

The meeting did not end as I expected. I was hoping for them to hand me my pin and new uniform right then and there. Instead, Kriegal and the others simply nodded and dismissed us. Once we left the room I must have looked rather glum because Bran smiled and shook my shoulder playfully, telling me it went well.

The rest of my day was spent around The Hall, wishing I had been able to actually speak for myself, but I know they have a way of doing things around here that was quite diplomatic and needed to be done in a certain way. If I am destined to be amongst their ranks, I must learn more.



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