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The Scurrying Roach


The Scurrying Roach

Secondmonth 28

At Firstmeal, Bran approached me. I was rather confused at first, but he smiled and held my shoulder, “The officers are impressed with your bravery and capability in the other night’s job. You are being considered for a promotion soon.” Mouse quickly sat down beside me, as soon as Bran left, with his journal and congratulated me, stuffing his face with food true to his nickname. I was in awe for a moment, but I soon remembered I needed to eat and prepare for this evening’s fight.

Mouse and I spent nearly the entire day going over strategies and possibilities of how to approach this much needed revenge for humiliating me. My fingertips once more grew hot with the urge to fight all the way to The Arena.

Before I knew it, I was standing across the Arena floor from Roach once more. He shouted at me as he took his place, “Back for more, pretty, pretty boy? Roach will make that face not so pretty.” I replied with a smile to my opponent and before I could say anything, the horn sounded for the battle to commence.

Roach was as quick as ever, but I had been training to keep up. He lunged at me, dagger in hand, hoping to catch me off guard, but I conjured my shield and jumped to the side. As we had predicted, he was undeterred in missing his mark and came back at me just as quickly as he had the first time. I let him get a few chances to hit me, hoping to wear him out a bit in the process as I dodged and deflected his potential blows. However, he never slowed and I knew I had to change my strategy to the next potential plan.

I muttered the incantation for “Dhervan Frozen Shard” as my free palm met the dirt floor, gathering the water in the soil and bending it to my will. I created shard after shard after shard, encircling myself in these ice spikes, all protruding from the ground. It seemed as though Roach hadn’t seen this particular spell before and was bewildered for a moment, trying to figure out how to get to me before he frustratedly yelled, “Come out, coward!” There was just enough space between shards to allow me to see and cast those devious little silken ropes at him, catching his left ankle. He immediately shrieked as he was held in place, no longer able to scurry like his name implied. I wrapped another around his opposite ankle, holding him in place for a moment before I pulled on my own threads, causing him to fall backwards and be dragged by his ankles toward the shards.

Now, I must admit that my want for revenge for disgracing me ran hot through my veins, giving me little restraint. I dragged him clear against one of the spikes, piercing directly through his upper leg. He screamed in agony as I hopped over the shard and pulled out my own dagger, putting it to his neck, making sure I’d never be bothered by him again. Before I could say anything to my defeated enemy, the horn sounded and I stood, sighing. I wouldn’t get my exact revenge, but he would sure be limping for a while. I dissipated my magic and let the shards melt as the staff came to his aid and I was off to gather my prize.

Apparently quite a few bounties had been placed on Roach, no doubt from people who he’d stolen from, so it was quite the sizeable prize! And what better was there to spend it on than ale and good food? However, a few of my Brother’s had a better idea.

We dressed in cloaks, covering our faces and made our way in the dark to a place called “Lineae’s Bordello.” We were instantly greeted by the smell of incense and a middle-aged woman with a hearty, yet sultry welcome. And then I realized where we were – a brothel.

I’ll spare the details of my night to keep my journal tasteful, but I was treated rather well to a feisty redhead who thought strong men should be put in their place. It was quite the new experience, to say the least, and I’m sure I will have no trouble sleeping tonight, despite being a bit sore.



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