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The Stoic Monk Concept Art

There is a time for a monk’s life to be peaceful and a time where martial violence is necessary. Neither of those define the path of a monk, only his betterment of his Society and it’s goals.
–Master Hecheth, The Hidden Order

In addition to his role as Web Producer, Shawn “Smitty” Smith (Editor’s Note: That’s with an “m” not an “h”. He’s forcing me to put that reminder in here.) has played an integral role as a member of the Grand Arena of Serndall design team.

Today, a little insight on the Monk concept art.

After all of the design work related to character classes, does the concept art fit your mental image of a Monk that’s traveled to the city of Serndall?

Yeah, it pretty much fits what we’ve done to design the Monk class. Especially with the unique nature of the Monk compared to some of the more traditional character classes in the game. Monks are the only playable class that has superlative melee combat skills as well as the ability to cast spells.

Plus, at higher levels, the Monk’s weaponless combat abilities are a distinct advantage in the Arena.

When you look at the concept art, what pops out at you about this Monk?

He seems stoic and rather reserved – even to the point of evoking less of an emotional response in me. The way he’s portrayed – his expression, and even his stance being so different and formal. It’s so different than the other characters.

I like how he’s been portrayed. He’s definitely not just an initiate or a novice in the Arena.

Seeing this, and knowing how integral Monks will be, give us your unfiltered take on the Monk class in the Grand Arena of Serndall.

I’m not normally a fan of Monk classes in games. If I’m going to fight, I’ll use a large sword or hammer – a stand-up fight, that is. Okay, I’m a Warrior kind of guy.

Don’t get me wrong, a Monk is nothing to sneer at. I’m really not looking forward to facing Monks in my climb to be the Arena’s Champion!



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