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The Wanderer of Serndall


The Wanderer of Serndall

Thirdmonth 3

I was on the way back from a simple escorting job to The Undercity. It was dark and our group had split up due to a few of the members staying behind to watch the auction. I made the mistake of walking home alone.

As if a repeat of my last entry, I nearly ran into the strange man again. Without noticing who it was, I nearly went off on the character, still rather pent up from the job and being on guard. This time he grabbed me and pulled me into a nearby alleyway without much time for me to react. We were out of the light, but I could just barely make out the features of the unkempt older man. He lacked a sense of dignity in his appearance, dirty from head to toe and lacking shoes. Whatever I could not make out by sight, my nose was soon assaulted with. His speech patterns were rather weird and spoke of many things that I had not ever heard of once in my life. Eventually he abruptly stopped and looked at me, getting rather close to my face and tilted his head, holding up a finger as if to touch my brand. Of course, I was not about to let him do this, so I slapped his hand away and demanded his name. From what I could tell from his sloppy introduction of himself, his name was Giroth and was a wanderer of the city.

For some reason, this man was rather interested in me. Within a matter of moments, he informed me that I was apparently “destined for destruction” and “will find my throne in darkness.” Amongst his rather comical display of body language, he spat out many things that sounded reminiscent of an insane doomsayer. I couldn’t possibly take this insane man seriously, but requesting silence on his part was a difficult feat to say the least. I humored him by listening to his words for a good hour before my own exhaustion set in and told him that I had to get back to The Hall. The crazed man even had the audacity to follow me and had to be stopped by the guards outside!

Needless to say the people of Serndall will never cease to breed insanity.



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