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The Wily Thief & Pixie’s Thoughts – Concept Art Week Continues!

Thieves are a scourge on this fair city. They pass themselves as honest businessmen, warriors, or even harlots. Then, you wake up to find your coffer empty and your bar stock ransacked. Sneaky and deceptive they are.
–Jepsum, owner of The Merry Dwarf

Here in the guts of Barbed Arrow, we’re all getting excited as the concept art for the Grand Arena of Serndall trickles out from the depths of the art department. Today, we managed to corner Pixie, Barbed Arrow’s Technical Producer (and she didn’t retaliate by giving us more work in exchange for this interview – that’s a win) about her opinions of Serndall’s thieves and the notably, the concept art’s thief.

Well, from your staff profile you’ve been a hardcore gamer geek for a while. Do you like playing as a thief?

Yes! Especially for the flexibility and the element of unexpectedness. In Serndall, the fact I can use two (unusual) weapons and irritate someone, makes it fun. 😉

Since you’ve played thieves before… why do you like them?

The fact that they seem to be the least defined (read: predictable) and most prone to change. Also, as far as characters go, it’s easier to make people wonder about them – contrary to when you’re a warrior or a wizard, where it’s pretty obvious what you do.

It’s a role everyone on the team is bound to appreciate, while hating it at the same time. It’s like thieves are an accepted evil. You know you’re never gonna be completely trusted, but you’re too valuable and dangerous to be ignored.

Give us your thoughts about the concept art for the Grand Arena of Serndall Thief.

The fact she’s a woman was actually surprising to me, even though it shouldn’t. Women have smaller frames, are more flexible (in general), and can move more quietly.

In playing this character, I like the contrast of femininity and hidden power, and the sort of skills a thief would use as well. Such a character is probably more complex by nature too. A female thief works both against and with those stereotypes appealing to adolescent males.

I’d say she’s a mid-level thief; she seems well seasoned in fighting already – a bit more aggressive and assertive than low-level thieves would be. On the other hand, a more advanced thief would probably be less ostentatious than here.

I imagine that, when reaching higher levels, it shouldn’t be easy to identify one as a thief. Like he true role should not be known until after the thief did her job and is long gone!

That expression on her face, what’s going through her mind?

She’s not really happy; it seems like she’s trying to prove something. I think as a thief I’d like to see her with the classic, quirky half-smile. But, maybe that would make the profession too obvious, and that’s never a positive with a thief.

So, will you give this Thief a go?

Yeah, can’t wait to play her! She looks like a tough chick – kinda like me 😉



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