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Unwanted Downtime


Unwanted Downtime

Secondmonth 29

Not much happened today other than Bran and I spoke about the choice of activities from the night before. To my surprise, I was not reprimanded, but reminded that given my impending status, I needed to keep up appearances and be careful with whom and what I associate myself with.

At Secondmeal, I did notice the three thuggish, fellow-ranking members talking amongst themselves and shooting daggers of glances my way. They must have heard about my possible promotion. I’m sure they will give me Hell about this.

I spent the majority of the day training my physical strength and agility. While I was training, I thought a lot about Thomas and what he could be doing. The informants had mentioned something about Legion members having left town a while ago. Could Thomas be on that job? I do worry about him. Wherever he was and whatever he was doing, I pray to the Gods our paths meet again soon and on good terms. I believe I think about him too often.

I was informed that there was a meeting I was to be at on the first of the next month. I must say I am rather excited to see the inner workings of The Brotherhood of the Ebon Circle and make my presence known amongst the higher ranks. Aside from that, modesty set aside, I’ll look rather handsome in the new uniform.



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