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Yet Another Game Is Afoot


Yet Another Game Is Afoot

Secondmonth 28

Just before we stopped to setup camp tonight we heard some noises ahead of us. It was clearly a slaver caravan.. Darius had me go forward to see if I could get an idea of how big they were and how they were setup. Tabitha would cover me with her bow.

I worked my way around through the forest and was able to get close enough to see that this was a small caravan. A couple of guards were talking about meeting another caravan in three days. It seems they were joining up with this other caravan for safety as they travelled to Serndall.

I returned and gave my report to Darius and Rohese. Rohese wanted to attack the smaller group tonight but Darius thought it wiser to wait until they met the other group. He wanted to try to get both caravans at once. I thought this was ambitious, as did Rohese. But Tabitha was all for it and told me not to worry about the odds. She said she had the equalizer, and hefted her bow.

Darius made the decision. We track this caravan and wait for the others to join them.



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